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Sustainable Housing is proud to offer the Efficiency Nova Scotia Free Product Installation Service to all residents of Cape Breton Island!

This service comes at no cost to any home or apartment in Cape Breton, we will come to your home and install energy saving products such as LED lighting, Water-saving Shower Heads, Faucet Aerators, Smart Power Bars, and much more.




The Efficiency Nova Scotia Product Installation Program is available across Nova Scotia. However, Sustainable Housing is the delivery agent for Cape Breton only.

If your home is outside of Cape Breton, click here to check with Efficiency Nova Scotia to find the Delivery Agent for your area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

So, wait... This is actually free? Is there a catch? Or a hidden fee?
This program is 100% funded through Efficiency Nova Scotia. There is no catch, and no fee. We will never ask for a credit card, or any other form of payment. This is completely free. 
Do I have to do anything?
All you have to do is book the appointment. Our trained Product Installers will come to your home and complete the entire installation for you. You can sit back and relax for about an hour as an installer completes your upgrades.
Why would someone want these upgrades?
The average participant in Cape Breton saves over $200 per year in energy costs. So you can spend that $200 a year on things you like paying for, like fresh lobster, or a movie date.
How many families have received these free products?
We have installed products in over 10,000 homes in Cape Breton.
Can my family members take part?
Anyone who has a home, apartment, or a condo on Cape Breton Island can sign up, and we will install these products there too! So tell your family members to sign up too! 
So, this really is free?
Completely. Entirely. And absolutely. We want you to spend money on lobster dinner, and date nights - remember?! Not on this stuff. So it’s free.
How do I sign up?
Sign up right here on this site, or give us a call at 1-877-722-2842 - Ext. 1. That is the number for our office in Sydney. You will speak with our scheduler. She’s really nice, you’ll like her. Give us a call today!